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Anbaugeräte für Baumaschinen Verbauspaten Staubbindemaschinen Hydraulikmagnet


About Paal Baugeräte GmbH

The business field of wear technology expanded with the use of HARDOX wear plates. As one of the first partners of the innovative steel manufacturer SSAB, the first attachments for construction machinery were developed from this innovative material and manufactured from the highly wear-resistant materials.Today, Paal attachments are still offered according to the criteria of wear and service life. The customer's wishes, such as the need to be supported by the skilled workers of the Paal team, especially in case of repairs or custom-made products, led in several steps to the present company. Since 1999, the sons Dietmar and Willy Paal have been running the company and Willy Paal has taken over the management of the demolition and recycling business. Scrap shears, pulverisers, hydraulic hammers, demolition and sorting grabs, dust binding machines and now new in the range: saws ... are tools for the topic of demolition!

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+49 7305- 950 -0
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Paal Baugeräte GmbHz. hp Ms. Irene PaalDellmensinger Str. 69
89155 Erbach-Ersingen
Germany • Baden-Württemberg • Alb-Donau-Kreis

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